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Chaos will show you how strong you really are and will expose to you what you were too afraid to see in the past. You are ready for the shock value and you are going to be surprised at how much you LOVE it. Oh Cancer, hold your heart with tender care this month. A birth is occurring within. A new belief system, philosophy or sense of self is emerging. Take all of your attention out of your head, out of your mind, this month and pour it into your heart.

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And from there, spread the love and attention into your body. This is your sacred temple. Let yourself sleep. When you are not in your head, you can really listen to what your body needs. Do everything you can to love yourself—get a massage, go to a soundbath or take a weekend to binge on Netflix shows. Whatever makes your heart feel loved and supported! Put aside the doubt and frustration that has been placed on you by the shackles of society. Leo, you KNOW yourself. Ask the trees.

You are strong in your knowing this month.

Daily Horoscopes: January 4, 12222

Behold the glowing effect of it in the eyes of drunks. A gift is being offered to you now! Your heart is taking wings! But the good news is that you come out the queen overseeing the royal palace. There will always be haters. You deserve all of this and can handle everything that comes with it. What does your heart deserve? Your body was made to overcome challenges and now you are facing one that will take you into the next level of maturity. Is there a greater pathway opening up for you?

You see it! You have been feeling defeated and you are being given the option to step up and stand up in the light. Say goodbye to the past and choose the light! Just be willing to see it. That is all. Oh Scorpio, this is a beautiful month, but oh so incredibly difficult for you—the one who knows. The darkness is lifting and life is becoming so brilliant, however you may lose your mind because you are about to lose all control. The light is blinding you. As the master controller, the knower—this is blasphemy. There is no way to wrap your mind around this one.

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Detroit Metro Times. Jump to comments. Speaking of Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issues new rules for medical marijuana certification Nov 11, Latest in Horoscopes Horoscopes Nov. More by Cal Garrison Horoscopes Nov. Readers also liked… Horoscopes April Apr 4, Most Popular Most Read.

The moon enters Capricorn today.

And so, what about the signs that get bumped into the position of ruling two houses each? The Moon rules Cancer. It is the inner world. Saturn rules Capricorn. It is the outer world. The Moon is the Mother. Saturn is the Father. It also means that Mommy and Daddy were lying about something, and whatever that was, made it difficult for Cal to figure out how to a Be herself, and b How to function in her relationships with people, and in her relationship with the world.

I study charts with intercepted signs all the time. Last week I did four of them.

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The more I learn about how this condition operates from person to person, the more my mind gets blown, and the more I am able to help my clients beam in on what actually happened to them. Just today I did a chart for a woman whose interceptions caused her to spend her childhood taking a back seat to the problems that her parents had giving and receiving love.

As a result, she grew up walking the line between feeling forced to conform to very strict standards, and having the freedom not just to be who she really is, but to be loved for who she really is.

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So many people think that astrology is just fortunetelling. I share these things with you to get you thinking, and also to put what time and experience have taught me about astrology into words.

I hope that it is of interest to you. These changes are bigger than they appear. Issues that have their roots in ancient stories are coming home to roost in experiences that only seem to have something to do with the present time frame. All of this is a replay of unresolved experiences that have dictated too much of your behavior up until now. Many of you are in the process of moving. Something has blown the lid off whatever has blocked your ability to change. Feeling overwhelmed could be part of the deal. Realize that whatever it is that appears to be too much will take care of itself if you stop fretting over it and remember that everything comes together in its own good time.

Surrounded by people and things that have question marks written all over them, it seems to be your job to employ the Wisdom of Solomon to find a way out. This week will call you to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Good luck with that.